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Lisa Garon Froman is a writer, poet and an award-winning communications professional. She lives in Baton Rouge, La., and is the mother of one son, Alexander. Visit her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/taoflashes or email her at lisafroman@yahoo.com.

Why I Wrote Tao Flashes

I fell in love with the Tao Te Ching while on my midlife journey. I first read it from the mindset of a 40-something-year-old woman journeying through her own transition—divorce, job loss, empty nest—into a brave new world where the freight I paid for truth was high, but infinitely less than its value. I found the chapters engaging, and like poetry, subject to interpretation. So I asked my spirit to help me uncover what nuggets I needed to know at this juncture, at this point in my own personal journey.

I read the Tao Te Ching, and then I re-read it. And then I began to meditate on each chapter, as I closed my eyes and asked for guidance and an intuitive understanding. What I uncovered, what was “given” to me, is what I share in Tao Flashes, in this interpretation as “flashes” of midlife wisdom.

I encourage readers to go through the book slowly. Read a chapter or two a day, or pick a writing at random. Invariably, you will be led to the message you most need to hear. I also included a question at the end of each chapter for you to journal and give serious thought to its answer. And finally, I included an affirmation for readers to repeat and reflect upon throughout the day to open up the heart and spirit to the intuitive message reflected in the chapter.

In the end, I tell readers that this is your journey, and you must find your truth and your way back to yourself. I offer this work, not as therapy or quick-fix solutions to the problems in your life, but as a compass for your trip through midlife.

It is my deepest desire that these thoughts find a home in your heart, where they can nurture and sustain you through your journey, while reflecting back to you your own eternal beauty, your divine nature and your higher self.

With all of my blessings and good intentions as you find your way,

Lisa Froman

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