This Mother’s Day, Keep The Cards. Free Our Girls.

One might argue that the kidnapping of nearly 300 young girls on the opposite side of the globe has no bearing on your life. But I won’t be the one. Because I don’t believe it.

When the Islamic militant group Boko Haram abducted hundreds of young girls at their boarding school in Nigeria on April 14, there was an outcry of rage and disbelief that reverberated through hills and mountains, through villages and small towns and metropolitan cities around the globe.

And the collective “NO,” that echoed across continents morphed into action with worldwide protests, including one at the Nigerian embassy in Washington, D.C.  It morphed into online campaigns and petitions  with a million signatures urging action. And the U.S. government  sending a military and law enforcement team to Nigeria to help in the search for the missing girls.

I  joined the campaign to Bring Back Our Girls. I signed one of the petitions and have been tweeting and posting messages with the blind faith that somehow, someway, it will help create awareness and shine a light in some very dim places.

If you believe as I do, that every thought is a prayer, then I am praying these girls home with every tweet and post.

I share this with you because I also believe in the principle of oneness, that we are all connected in spirit. And what is in the one is in the whole.

So, when we allow hundreds of innocents to be sold into slavery and say it’s just another day (in that country, the one over there), I think we lose a little piece of our humanity. And maybe unintentionally, we give permission to the heavens to let the inhumanity spread across continents into the ethers, and into our common psyches.

This Mother’s Day, my heart will be with my beloved son who lives away, and with hundreds of moms in Nigeria who will be grieving over the unimaginable atrocities of body and spirit their daughters are likely enduring.

 My prayer on Mother’s Day is the same one I say today:Bring Back Our bring back our girls

 If this resonates with you, I hope you share the message. Please use the hashtag #bringbackourgirls.


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