Choosing Peace in a Noisy World

blog pic1-1I hear my neighbor’s dog howling in the distance. The sound is so primitive, so raw, it guts me, and for a moment we are one.

The wind chimes outside my window are chanting lovely tunes, soothing melodies that bring me back into the moment.

I hear a radio from another room and it is broadcasting distorted sounds that vibrate through the walls and make me want to shrink back into myself and hide from the headbanger noise. The music is harsh. Loud. Disruptive.

Through another window I hear the water flowing from the fountain in my courtyard and imagine the sounds of ancient rivers splashing against stone.

It occurs to me that in this moment, as in any moment, I am free to choose where to put my focus.  I can listen to disturbing noises or to the sounds of serenity that beckon for my attention.

It’s my choice. And in this moment, I am strong enough to make a good choice, the one that resonates with my spirit. I choose peace.

Tomorrow, well that’s an untold story. I must choose again.

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