Do You Speak A Secret Soul Language?

Yellow flowers are considered a symbol of purity, clarity, truth and wisdom.

Yellow flowers are considered a symbol of purity, clarity, truth and wisdom.

The world is filled with symbolism and when we look at it through enchanted eyes, we open ourselves up to a secret soul language that is rich and alive and magical.

It’s a language that is both foreign and native to us, and we access it through intuition, magical thinking, and a general willingness to move from rational, left-brained thinking into a place of exploration and infinite possibilities.

Have you ever considered the world is alive with mysterious messages just waiting to be decoded? What if the flowers around you were actually speaking to you? What if the birds you summoned with the feed you sprinkled on your lawn carried a message from the Divine? What if the dragonfly that landed at your feet had something special to communicate to you?

I know cyncial minds must be thinking right now….sometimes, a rose is just a rose.

But it’s not true. Roses carry symbolic messages. Even their color means something.

But, back to the birds. Lately, doves have been appearing in my backyard and I always take note. Doves are a symbol of peace so every time I see one, I am reminded to be peaceful. The dragonfly that landed near me yesterday was an encouraging message of hope and good fortune.

As I write this, I am listening to the gentle sound of water running through the fountain in my courtyard. It is soothing and cleansing and it reminds me in this moment that I need to relax; I’ve had a challenging few days and I needed to slow down and hear this message.

The courtyard is looking beautiful; yesterday my partner painted the stucco and trimmed the plants and it feels fresh, like a new start. We’ve been doing some painting and small repairs around the house and planting an herb garden with peppers, dill, oregano, lavender and rosemary, in the backyard.

I’d like to think these small repairs are a message to each other that we are committed to creating a nourishing home for one another, one where fresh starts are a possibility.

This is how the world of symbolism works. It’s a secret language, one you must work a little harder to interpret, but when you do, everything feels more magical, more sacred.

That’s the world I like to step into each and every day. A world where I hear my wind chimes singing good morning to me, a world where I feel greeted by peace-loving doves perched on my fence, a world where color and sound create a rainbow of possibilities for endless knowledge, secrets and hidden treasures.  If I’m willing to tune in and listen.

I’m learning this is  the way the Divine speaks to us. The soul, too. So if you want to learn this language, open up your eyes, ears and heart. Your soul is trying to talk to you in your dreams, intuitive hits and surroundings, and is being very creative in the sticky notes it leaves behind for you.

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The Shape of Courage

Courage comes in all shapes and sizes. Today, courage presented itself to me in the form of Matthew Fox, a seventy-something year old outspoken spiritual leader and author. He was lecturing at a local Unitarian Church on the great mystics and he used everything in his tool box (actually it was a backpack) –shock, shaminism, poetry– to  coax out the courage, creativity and compassion of everyone in the room.

Fox knows a thing or two about courage. He is a former priest who was “asked” to leave the Church for his progressive views and criticism of the Catholic Church. He continues to speak openly, courageously, about the Church’s cover-up of molestation victims and  corruption on all fronts–in our thinking, in our government, in our education system and in our religious systems.

Much of his religious criticism deals with zealots and fundamentalists who teach that we are born sinners. I know this one. I was raised in the Catholic Church and I struggled my entire life with the concept that I was “wrong” from the day I was born. Wrong never felt right to me. Yet somehow, buried deep behind the training, the ancestry, was this feeling of “wrongness” that was ingrained within me, and it steered the course of my life and my choices, well, for much of my life.

It took my “dark night of the soul” during midlife and a lot of introspection to come to the realization that this type of thinking is what is wrong. At least wrong for me. I believe we come from love and that we are love. I believe we are all inter-connected and what we do to one, we do to all. For better and worse.

I believe in people, but institutions, not so much. I believe in the best and the worst of people, and I adjust myself accordingly, and always with some unspoken faith that goodness will eventually righten itself.

But getting back to Matthew Fox and his lecture…he spoke of the need for us to return to our creative selves and to focus less on our Reptilian left brains, so as not to be devoured by it.  He believes, as do I, in the power of intuition (the right brain), the power of creativity (the right brain), and the power of the feminine spirit (right brain) to help lead us out of our social, economic, financial and spiritual crisises.

In Tao Flashes, I write a great deal about the yin, the feminine, the sacred. The sacred feminine spirit is intuitive, instinctive, all-knowing. It is pure potential and it is what births all that is good in this world.

The sacred feminine spirit is a live wire, and it’s been my experience that it really switches on at midlife.

Maybe it’s because our wisdom is catching up with our years. Maybe it’s because time has softened our edges and life has made us more curious. It matters not; the sacred feminine spirit is alive and powerful today! And the more we women use our power, the more it is magnified, and the more it expands to create good, to birth love and to heal.

And we need healing now, more than ever. Our world is hurting. But even so, it’s often easier to look away, to focus on retirement, on daily routines, ordinary distractions.  I know, I do at times.

But imagine what compassion and intuition and the sacred feminine might create in this world if we turned up the volume? Imagine if we turned it loose,  let it spring from our hearts, with just the right word, the right look, the right help, and at the right time? Maybe it is time that we take a vow to be more courageous in our lives, to be more creative, to help heal what needs to be healed in ourselves–or in others–once and for all.

Now that would be an act of creation, and an outrageous act of courage.