True versus Truth


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Truth. Some say it is relative. But what is true is a different matter.

Caroline Myss, author of Sacred Contacts and a number of other New York Times best sellers, says people may have a perception of truth, their version of what they believe is accurate. This may be based on personality, circumstance or one’s upbringing. But in actuality, what is true, cannot be disputed.

What is true, is always true. The world is round. The Holocaust happened.  

Today, we are reckoning with truth. We are shaping it like play dough, making it malleable in our fingers to fit our political or religious beliefs. Depending upon your view, CNN is the truth teller. Or Fox. In an era of fake news, truth is as cheap as Snickers bar, and not as tasty.

When it comes to politics, the lines of truth are drawn down the street center—some veer right, some left, depending upon party affiliation.

Now, some find truth in the words of their pastors and priests and religious leaders. Or in the heavens, as perceived by one’s faith.

The truth is, we as a people, are often not operating in truthfulness. We are passengers seat-belted in a way of seeing, based on perception. But what is true, what cannot be manipulated, is this: we are more alike than we are different because we are all love at our essence. (Before you shrug this off as hippie talk, stay with me.)

We may not act upon this knowing, we may flat out deny it and spend a lifetime ponying up evidence to prove otherwise.

But at our core, we hold love in our DNA.

So what is true is this, there are no shithole nations, no foreign factions, only opportunities to remember our humanity, to see that what is in one is in the whole. But we must remember our own nature, love, to remember the nature of all humanity.

In this day where we speak truth to power, we should remember to access the highest power of our own wisdom to claim the truth of who we are at our roots, realizing the other is us. When we see “them” in their difference, in their darkness or detriment, we see the largeness of our own shadow. Let us not hover under it or let it shade us from the scorching truth of our own reveal, which is love.

Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

I will repeat this: What is true is always true. And it is never too late to be love. To act from love, to serve it up like a master chef serves up soul food to hungry hearts and bodies. This year, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let us be this, love. Let us rise from the quick sand, let us “lift to the majestic heights of our soul’s force,” of our soul’s truth.

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A Solar Eclipse and Truth

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Today, Americans of all ages, races, religions came together under one sun, one sky, to witness a spectacular solar eclipse.

Today, for a time, what was eclipsed was our differences as a darkening sky revealed this truth: We are one. Scattered across mountains, valleys, rivers wide, we are the same from the vantage point of endless sky.

No doubt this eclipse is asking us to stand together through the darkness to reveal the light of our higher selves, who we are as one nation, undivided, with liberty and justice for all.

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Terrorists, Termites and What I Know for Sure

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Here at home we learned our borders are not secure–we are infested with a breed of beings filled with enough hate to terrorize a town and mow over those who don’t subscribe to their vision for our country.

This got me thinking about termites. Two years ago I had a termite problem in my dining room. For the longest time everything in my house appeared normal. But then one day I noticed a wave in my wall, a softening of the plaster. And then I touched the wall and put my hand through it to reveal an ugly nest of termites.

It’s like now. What looked like a fine and stable dining room wall painted yellow and decorated with Japanese prints was actually unstable and infested with termites that were trying to take over my house. I think our beautiful country, much like my walls, seemed stable for a long time because we weren’t looking closely at the ripples and waves in the walls, the things hidden in the hallowed halls of our history. Maybe it is time to root out what’s wrong, tear down some walls — instead of building new ones– before the entire house begins to buckle and crumble.

I send blessings to all who are hurting. We are better than this and we can work together to create a better, more peaceful country, even with our differences. I will not subscribe to hate, even righteous hate because it spreads like a virus, or worse, termites. I don’t want to be infected or infested.

So instead of platitudes, I say let’s work on our attitudes and make sure we aren’t inadvertently spreading hate. Because that hate hangs in the air waiting to latch on to something so it can create more of itself.

I called my son from an airport Sunday and I brought up what happened in Charlottesville. And all I could say as a mother to a grown son was this–“Look for any opportunity to do good to offset the angry energy that is sweeping our nation right now.”  I added, “Watch your words too because they matter.”  Like Oprah’s list, “What I Know for Sure”, I am certain of the importance of these two things.

Now, I have said my piece, I can sleep. It was a stressful day at work where I didn’t fully take my own advice. But tomorrow is another day to do good, to offset the anger. And I think I will start my day by writing another check to The Southern Poverty Law Center. I feel certain they can help with the clean -up work needed on our home.

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Happy Birthday, America

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Happy Birthday, America. You were created by our longing for liberty. Our Founding Fathers said it was so. But the truth was, in their gorgeous Declaration of Independence, they were proclaiming it so for their fellow men, not women, not slaves.

They were unfortunately, in tune with their times, but what was miraculous was that they were able to outpicture their times.  Women and slaves could not vote or own property, but the document they created was setting an intention for a future where it would be so. And it was.

What if in present day, we were able to outpicture where we stand? Because let’s face it, the mud is thick and the air cloudy.  But maybe it is for a purpose, this chaos.  After all, chaos always precedes transformation. Ask our Founding Fathers.

So maybe as we work to create the nation that our Founding Fathers were outpicturing during their times, we can do the same. We can work for change and create the intention to outpicture the unfairness, the social injustice– the hatred of the other based on race, sex, religion, politics—to the point where we stand as one, in our freedom.


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Independence Day

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Liberate the truth,

unbind Her from the corset

that has cinched her flesh and breath,

cracked her ribs, and

           created curves to please the eye

at the cost of truth.


She is a        hostage

held in sacrilege,

              a body most high.

A body of water reflecting sky’s longing,

but also its clowns, and eagle shaped clouds

                               that curve and shapeshift truth.

That turn Her into a paper doll,


manufactured from our longing

for super heroes, white horses.

Liberate Her        from all this nonsense.


Let us see Her wardrobed in idealism,


let Her reflect the truth of who we were,

             who we          are

and finally, who we want to be

                 naked, in our mirrors.


Let sunlight impress itself on


and let Her reflect back its gold glory

           but in truth as borderless as sky.


Let Her be uncloaked from lies

that have choked Her neck of expression

                            with the fat fingers of history.

Let us see with eyes        anew

the shadows we cast

so we can open wide the window of this day

to greet the birds of despair with new hope.

I am                              free,

you are                free,

together we uncork this truth

and drink of         it.


Give Anger A Facelift

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Like so many, I have been in a fog, a wet haze, as I have watched the world turn itself upside down. I have retreated, withdrawn myself from the madness and mayhem in hopes of reconnecting with my own knowing. This takes time and discernment…and the grace of fortitude to keep me from the fray.

I have been following sage Buddhist advice by walking away from the spectacle. At this time, there is no winning in discourse, no matter what righteous side or angle your view. Even the most righteous today drink from the well of anger.

It is inevitable that anger begets more anger and as we are exposed to it, we spread it generously like cream cheese on a bagel. It’s nuclear. So picture yourself walking around with dandruff-like nuclear particles which have rained down from the atmosphere.  We are becoming radioactive.

I know it, I feel it. In these months of quiet, I have listened, watched and read the anger and righteousness out there–and I can tell you both have the same energetic intensity. So within, so without. As we digest a daily diet of anger, bubble and percolate in our nasty stew, we begin to express it ourselves and it takes shape in our world.

We are all giving IT permission to exist. We may dress it up real pretty in politeness or  righteousness, but anger in candlelight is still ugly.

What do we do?

To paraphrase the sentiments of Forrest Gump and Keats, beauty is what beauty does.

Be beauty. Do beauty. Take your anger and your convictions and give them a facelift. Turn them into action, into grace. Leave the drama, the spectacles, the talking heads invested in stirring anger, and go and create from your calm.

Create from your passion, your convictions, your love– not your anger. When you create from fear and frustration, what you create is rooted in that. Stop spreading the seeds of anger, inciting hate disguised as something else. Your thoughts have power. Your words are instruments of love and destruction.  What will you create with them?

The world is sideways,
unsure what to do in rain.
Every crevice of earth,
damp and fertile
is ready for planting.
Do we allow anger to mold into ruin?
Do we spread fear like peanut butter and pack it for lunch?
Or do we plant lilies and restart our clocks?
The womb is wet and warm, seeded for life.
The climate, fertile for growth,
either way.
I think I will plant lilies,
dropping seeds like my favorite jelly beans,
and watch the sweetness take root.

–Lisa Froman (If you are interested in more of my work, check out my book, Tao Flashes, available on Amazon.)

The Way

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My lungs dilate,

weighted with love for

               the way

the crepe myrtle flirts with the birch,

              the way

the dawn greets the grass with wet kisses.

It is too much for my lungs to love.


My lungs dilate,

weighted with love for

             the way

the cobweb hangs on a dare,

            the way

the lizard turns invisible on stone,

            the way

the vine climbs the trellis with no arms.

It is too much for my lungs to love.


Still, my lungs stretch for more,

more purple skies, more black birds dancing on a wire.

More spiders weaving their way.

My lungs are forever


for that is 

           the way.


(Lisa Froman, 2017-copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without my permission)

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