Happy Birthday, America

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Happy Birthday, America. You were created by our longing for liberty. Our Founding Fathers said it was so. But the truth was, in their gorgeous Declaration of Independence, they were proclaiming it so for their fellow men, not women, not slaves.

They were unfortunately, in tune with their times, but what was miraculous was that they were able to outpicture their times.  Women and slaves could not vote or own property, but the document they created was setting an intention for a future where it would be so. And it was.

What if in present day, we were able to outpicture where we stand? Because let’s face it, the mud is thick and the air cloudy.  But maybe it is for a purpose, this chaos.  After all, chaos always precedes transformation. Ask our Founding Fathers.

So maybe as we work to create the nation that our Founding Fathers were outpicturing during their times, we can do the same. We can work for change and create the intention to outpicture the unfairness, the social injustice– the hatred of the other based on race, sex, religion, politics—to the point where we stand as one, in our freedom.


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