Valentine’s Day, Cupid and Chemtrails

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If you scroll through your Facebook feed, be prepared to tiptoe like Tiny Tim, not through tulips but through fields of landmines. One wrong move, a comment of agreement or disagreement in this politically charged, post truth, post politeness environment can blow up in your face. Or in your feed.

I’m over it. I see Liberals, Conservatives, churchgoers, mothers, activists, planting landmines, telling convenient and inconvenient truths every day. I see discord and fear monging, hate decorated in red, white and blue; I see the left and right clothed like wolves in their sheepish righteousness.

What I don’t see much of these days –at least on Facebook and in the news–is love. Does anyone besides Hallmark or Russell Stover remember Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day?

Poor Cupid. He’s going to have to disguise himself as a drone and fly under the radar to dodge the political bombs. He’ll have to work extra hard this holiday to infuse grace back into our hearts, but I think it can be done.

With a touch of a golden arrow and some fairy dust, Cupid could intoxicate us with an opioid dose of love energy.  He could tap Donald Trump on the head and say, “Hey, sugar cup, remember you have the fate of the entire free world in your hands. Show some love. It’s not about the power, it’s about the people!”

Then Cupid could put right wingers and left wingers and media gone mad into a sugar coma. He would come to us all in our Valentine’s Day sugar-induced, chocolate coma and lecture us for over-indulging in anger. “Get up and exercise your voice, but remember, love is the highest grade of fuel. Anger is cheap, corrosive and will clog your engines, your arteries, too.”

Munching on a fair trade chocolate bar, he would continue, “put the energy of love to work, not fear. Your fear is creating chemtrails in the sky and it’s getting harder to find my way home.”

Then Cupid would dissolve into a sugary mist of white, but not before leaving us with homework. The assignment would be to answer these questions:

  • Are you bringing the energy of love or hate to your political views, discussions, work?
  • What can love make better in your life?
  • What can you create from love? Is it a healed relationship? A beautiful poem? A solution to a problem created in fear or anger?

This Valentine’s Day, let’s all do our homework.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


(Check out my book, Tao Flashes, A Woman’s Way to Navigating the Midlife Journey with Integrity, Harmony and Grace, available on Amazon.)




8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, Cupid and Chemtrails

  1. This quote was referred to in our intentional community this morning:
    “This learned Jesuit (Chardin) was convinced that we’re called to build this centro-complexity in our relationships with one another. We’re expected, in those relationships, to become more one, yet at the same time more complex. We do this by following Jesus’ command of love. Teilhard taught that love is the only force that makes us one while it also makes each of us more unique. Eventually, when we achieve complete oneness with one another, we’ll also become completely one with God: evolution’s last stage, the “omega” point of all creation.

    Teilhard thought it’s the weakest, not the strongest, link that evolves. Our sacred authors were likewise convinced only a small remnant will ever be willing to trade their strength for the loving weakness God demands.”

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