The Poetry of Wonder

blog pic1-1Note:April is National Poetry Month

I hear my windchimes speaking in tongue and I get lost in the conversation. I see trees swaying in the wind and I know their outstretched limbs are beckoning me to dance. I watch the sun as he settles into night and wonder if he enjoys the respite. Does he grow bitter in the dark when his moonstruck sibling and starry-eyed cousins steal his sky? I wonder.

I am a poet, but not because I write poetry.

I am a poet because I experience the world, in beauty and in shadow, and I tread lightly around both. I am a poet because metaphor is my temple.

For me, everything is a symbol for something, and I live in a world where rainbows are God’s highest praise, a world too where barbarians  of all sorts troll the land. It is a beautiful, scary place where truth and make-believe are on equal footing.

My perspective often puts me center stage at the magic show.  It nudges me to notice everything: the way light slips between the trees and creates puppet shadows, the stray, stubborn weeds pushing through concrete with Olympian will, the budding camellias nearly disguised as strawberries until their beauty blossoms into fragrant truth.

And poetry? Well, poetry is life, the beauty, the pain, the gritty, the sublime, the gift, the burden, the truth in all of its loveliness, grey, and ugliness. It creates us and is created by us.  You can read a poem, write a poem or live in a poem. I do all three.

April is National Poetry Month so I invite you  to read, write or experience poetry in your life.

If you need inspiration, visit and sign up to receive a daily poem. Or you could sit by your window and listen to the birds plan their next coup or wait for the trees to invite you to play.

(I would love for you to share a favorite poem in the comments–one you’ve written or one by a favorite poet. Or tell me how you experience poetry in the every day.)

If you’re interested in more thoughts on integrity, compassion and grace–if you’re looking for exploratory questions to unearth pieces of your soul, check out my book, Tao Flashes.Or visit me at or on twitter @taoflashes.


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