My Greedy Christmas List, 2015


Dear Santa,

I don’t know what the world looks like from the North Pole, but it’s a little dark outside my window. Between the flesh eating zombies and the bomb-toting, sword wielding, war waging, apocalypse wanting terrorists–not to mention the gun lobbyists and the red-tie-wearing political candidates, well, we’re in a fine mess.

So this Christmas, my wish list is longer than usual. And it goes like this:

1. I want world peace. (And not the world in pieces.)

2. I want you to bring a stop to barbarism in the name of God and war. I want ISIS warmongers to know they’ve taken a wrong turn. That the goddess Isis is Feminine, the patron spirit of women, the goddess of empowerment, magic and life. I want them to know they defile her name.

3. Santa, I want refugees to find their way home to a better life.

4. I want movie theaters, schools, shopping malls, places of worship, cafes and music clubs to be madness-free zones. I want you to stop the carnage and control the crazies. All of them, including the NRA lobbyists.

5. While we’re at it–I want you to  fire, trump and trample bullies with bad hair,  personality disorders and presidential- sized delusions of grandeur before they create uglier playground disputes in the future.

6. This year, I want you to work harder to halt human trafficking.  Stop it in its tracks. And while you’re at it, can you make the chocolate companies quit using child slave labor because it makes my candy taste really bitter.

7. And while you’re sprinkling your fairy dust, I want a cure for cancer. All cancers, not just the ones that get all of the PR.

8. I want you to end world hunger. Aids. Homelessness, too.

9. I want clean drinking water, the nectar of life, for everyone. And good heavens, chemical-free food for the masses.

10. I want an education for every single child on this earth because an educated child has options that don’t necessarily include poverty, racism, terrorism and ignorance.

11. I want jobs so people can feel useful, purposeful, resilient, and feed their families.

12. I want you to quiet the earth, calm her, and keep her from quaking. I want you to help others warm to the idea that our climate matters so we can make global improvements.

13. I want you to cure loneliness and depression….I want you to mend all of the broken hearts, minds, bodies and spirits, just like Humpty Dumpty put them back together again.

14. When you’re finished, I want you to put an end to reality TV. That way people can focus on their own dreams and lives to make this world better.

15. And finally, I want you to use all of the colors in the rainbow to paint the world tolerant, joyful, and make it a more loving place for people of all races, creeds, colors, sexes and religions.

I know, Santa, I’m being greedy. Heaven knows there’s enough of THAT in this world….so let me add greed to the list. I want you to stomp it out. Replace greed with generosity, with open hearts, minds and pocketbooks this holiday season–and all year long.

Santa, please do me a solid this year and make my wishes come true. And I promise, I won’t ask for anything else–except for the grace to keep hoping, praying, working for everything you might leave off of my list.

Big Hug,


If you’re interested in more thoughts on integrity, compassion and grace–if you’re looking for exploratory questions to unearth pieces of your soul, check out my book Tao Flashes. Or visit me at or on twitter @taoflashes


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