The Grace of Hope

blog pic1-1HOPE is the thread that keeps us stitched together, keeps our spines wired straight, and our heads up, even when life has given us more reason to keep our gaze focused on the cracks in the sidewalk.

It’s the magical fairy dust that keeps us turning the page in our lives, even when our stories take a plot twist and we’re not sure how the next chapter ends.

HOPE is the light from a new moon promising redemption, enlightenment even, if only we hang on . . . a little longer.

It’s a grace to have hope, especially during times when common sense or circumstances want to bitch slap us into submission. HOPE dressed up as grace makes us feel…well, graceful, strong, and resilient, like a character from “Steel Magnolias.”  It’s the soldier, warrior, Scarlett O’ Hara in us who fights the good fight and would rather go down that way, than to surrender to hopelessness.

HOPE is the best of the human spirit.

HOPE has been part of my steady diet for years and has sustained me through a broken marriage, job loss, relationship ups and downs, and illness.

HOPE is a siren, a seductress. She wears rose colored glasses because the view is softer, prettier. And when situations require that she remove her glasses, she still sees everything through the filter of grace.

That’s because HOPE knows that how we look at the world is how we see the world. And to some degree, it’s how we create it.

It’s like this: when we have a hopeful outlook, even during hard times, times when we want to spit and rail at the heavens, when we hold out or hold on for a flicker of light, of hope, to see a world filled with grace and hopeful possibilities…we shift the energy in that direction.  This is the magical formula, hope, and the alchemy needed to actually create rosier times.

But let’s face it, there are times in life when HOPE is challenged. Worse, there are times when it’s hard to keep HOPE alive, when she must be nourished, spoon fed with dark chocolate and a good Cabernet.

But she is resilient. Because the grace of HOPE is always the grace of tomorrow.

If you’re interested in more thoughts on integrity, compassion and grace, particularly at midlife, read my book Tao Flashes.  Or visit me at or on twitter @taoflashes.



14 thoughts on “The Grace of Hope

  1. I think you were sitting inside of my heart when you wrote this. That’s where my hope is. I keep dusting it off lately, particularly when people such as you pop back into my life at the precise time I need you. It is this post that helps me to keep the dust at bay.

    Bless you my friend. I look forward to the day I meet you IRL and I can properly (not virtually) give you a hug and a broad smile.

    • My sweet, sweet friend– please know that you have made my day with your comments. I often write what I am experiencing– or need to experience. Know that you are not alone. I look forward to our in person hug in the near future!

  2. You have said so perfectly what is inside me….my soul and inner strength filled with faith and her sister grace! My life was interrupted when my husband died suddenly last August. Everyone said I was strong and brave….but this is what sustained me and carried me through each month, holiday and season. Thank you for these beautiful words and for affirming what I felt and couldn’t express! Going to share, Lisa!

    • Joan, thank you for sharing this! I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad you have had the grace of fortitude and hope! It’s really what sustains me in difficult times. I wrote this very blog in the middle of a personal heartbreak, so it is very meaningful to me, too. Big hug…keep the faith.

      • I shoule have mentioned sister Hope too. That;’s what has carried me…knowing there is hope at the end of the dark tunnel. Would you believe it has come in his best friend…..his best man at our wedding….also a widow? Another story/another time. But for now….grace and hope rule!

  3. First time here and I love that you wrote of hope (among other eloquent and poignant references to it) as magical fairy dust that keeps us turning the pages in our lives. Perfect!

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