When Weeds Flower Into Blessings

Let’s drink a pint and pretend we’re Irish, even if we’re not.  Let’s toast, “May the luck of the Irish be with you,” on St. Patrick’s Day and count our blessings.


Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of our blessings. Or even the simple things that bring us joy. We get wrapped up in what we don’t have, or focus on what’s missing.

I have blessings that would wrap around the block if I counted them. But sometimes I lose sight of them. Sometimes my vision loses its focus, its softness for seeing things through the lens of gratitude. The lens of beauty.

Beauty is there, standing in its nakedness, in ordinary light, at all times beckoning for attention.  And today I noticed.

I noticed the ditches lining the roads past my house were filled with masses of weeds that had morphed into delicate yellow flowers. They bent and waved in the breeze as I drove by.

I wanted to stop and snatch up handfuls and set them in crystal vases where I could dress them up and pay proper hommage to their raw beauty.

I started to slow my car down to look for a place to pull over.  But I didn’t stop. I couldn’t bear the thought of disturbing what nature had created, this field of sunshine, this force of beauty, was not mine to own.

The flowers belonged to the passersby, the sunshine, the soil that nourished them.  I had owned their beauty the moment I noticed them lining the ditches along the roadway. The flowers had nourished my spirit and reminded me that beauty lives in unexpected places and surrounds us in every moment.

And for this, and so much more, I count my blessings on this day.

(I would love to hear about your blessings; please share….)

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6 thoughts on “When Weeds Flower Into Blessings

    • Yes, it is nice to see a splash of color after a long hard winter. It’s especially nice when it appears in unexpected places like roadside ditches. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  1. I try to remember to count my blessings as often as I can. They are always there…but so often we get so caught up in everyday madness, we forget to look.

  2. When I was my daughter’s Girl Scout leader we taught the little ones not to pick the wild flowers when we went camping so everyone could enjoy the beauty after we left.

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