Radical Guidance and Truths, Like Tramps, Are Born To Run

blog pic1-1Have you ever had a recurring dream or thought, or seen sequential numbers appear again and again, or heard a word repeated over and over in a short time? That’s guidance, little soul nods, trying to get our attention.

That’s the way intuition normally works. But sometimes we have to get quiet, turn down the volume in our lives, to hear better.

And what I am hearing, and seeing lately, is the word radical. And it’s getting my attention, working its way into my consciousness in that too-hard-to-ignore,  see me, play with me, pay attention to me way that only our authentic guidance–or a two-year-old child–can do.

My guidance is telling me that this is a year of radical growth. Radical faith. Radical self-care. Radical compassion (for myself and others). Radical integrity. Radical expression.

These are the things I will be giving voice to and living in this year of the great rebellion. Because that radical voice inside of me needs to speak up.

I’m older now, but I still remember that voice; it belonged to that idealistic teenager who was born just a breath away from the hippie era. So she sang Bruce Springsteen songs and cried over the Kent State killings and got stuck in that in-between place where good girls live, the place wallpapered with coulds and shoulds.

That girl….the latent hippie, the radical…not the good girl, is trying to get my attention again. I think she has something to teach me, maybe others too, about radical care, for ourselves, for others. I think she’s got something to say about radical love, radical kindness, radical grace, radical activism, radical joy. Radical truth.

I’m ready to listen.

And I hope you’ll tune in. Even better, I hope you find your radical voice and use it when you feel unseen, unheard. I hope you use your voice to bring life to your longings, to the whispers of your own, unique and precious soul. I hope you use it to say yes when you mean yes, and no, when you mean no. I hope you use it to stay congruent, and not to betray your needs, your guidance, your spirit.

And finally, I hope you use it to right wrongs in your world in radically caring ways. Because radical expression is just that–radical. And it’s good for the soul.

If you’re interested in more thoughts on integrity, compassion and grace, particularly at midlife, read my book Tao Flashes.  Or visit me at www.facebook.com/taoflashes or on twitter @taoflashes.

6 thoughts on “Radical Guidance and Truths, Like Tramps, Are Born To Run

  1. Lisa, I thinks our muses are hanging out together. We certainly have been writing from a similar place. We are overdue doing something radical together. I think this year is going to bring us to exciting places.

  2. Funny–my muse must have been introduced to yours:). I wrote on similar topic–paying attention to the guideposts. You’ve got me thinking I may need to find my old peace sign earrings:).

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