Women As Teachers

front coverHOW WE TREAT OTHERS is a complete measure of ourselves. As women, we have the opportunity to lead at every turn, no more so than at midlife.

What do we communicate to others about our age? Do we focus on our wrinkles or the extra weight around our middles? Do we talk about diets, call ourselves uncomplimentary names and show  a lack of love for ourselves?

We are teachers, leaders, and we are surrounded by students. What do we do with our leadership opportunity? Do we squander it away, teach our young women to disrespect their bodies, or  hold themselves up to a definition of perfection that is unattainable and forever a source of pain and discouragement?

While we mock the 90-pound, size zero models, do we secretly long to be them? Do we encourage eating disorders in our young women, our children? Why not take the opportunity to be  a teacher, an enourager, a women who other women can trust.

Middle aged women are beautiful and rich and ripe and juicy, but do we spend time talking about these things? Or do we talk about aging, the ugly baggage we carry and our unhappiness, always with the focus on what we don’t have, without ever teaching the lesson of gratitude for what we are, who we’ve become.

Let’s teach women we are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, while supporting each other’s goals and visions and quests to be better mothers, friends, workers, wives.

The most admirable women I know are the ones who accept their power silently, who stand quietly joyous, even when their worlds are turning around, who stake their claim and communicate with their presence, their words, their acceptance of others, a radiance and light that can’t be darkened.

It’s hard to be this woman. I know this. Sometimes, the biggest battle you face, the ugliest enemy, is yourself. But even you can become your own teacher, your own student simultaneously, as you lead others, but follow yourself.

Journal Question(s): What female in your life has served as a mentor to you? Is there a female in your life you can mentor?

Affirmation: I recognize my beauty and I encourage others to recognize the source of their beauty.

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