When Every Thought Is A Prayer

Photo: Steve Burmester

Photo: Steve Burmester

I believe in the power of prayer. One of my favorite inspirational authors, Caroline Myss, once summarized the mystical properties of prayer by saying,”Every thought is a prayer.”

Struck by the profound truth of these words, I recorded them in my journal.

Every thought is a prayer. What a beautiful way to express the power and potential of prayer to serve as a miraculous force in our lives.

Every thought is a prayer. If so, than every sunset we register as beautiful in our minds, every whispered ‘I love you,’ every compliment, kind word or thought of gratitude manifests into prayer. And often, it is gratitude itself that creates the space for love and life-affirming things to appear.

But, as always, a duality exists. If every thought is a prayer, what about our negative, judgmental, angry, fear-based thoughts? If thoughts are things, than what do our fearful or negative thoughts–our darker prayers– create?

In all likelihood, a focus on the negative, on what’s not working, on what’s wrong, brings more of this to the forefront of our lives. If not literally, certainly metaphorically. Think about it: if we are blinded by anger or fear or darkness, all we can “see” is darkness. And so our reality begins to mirror this disappointing and dismal picture. 

I don’t profess to have all of the answers here….sometimes I’m content to stay in the question. What if….our thoughts are really prayers? For better, for worse?

In spite of the chaos happening in our world now, what if we focused on what is working in our lives, in our careers, in our communities and affirmed what we want to call forth with our prayers?

To this end, I’m going to share with you my most personal, affirming prayer. It came to me from long periods of reflection during a time of transformation, a period of unearthing, in my own life. I also borrowed a line or two in my prayer from a speech I heard Marianne Williamson, author of ‘A Return to Love,‘ give several years ago at a conference. I say it almost every single morning, before or after I meditate. It goes like this:

I am love, I am beauty, I am light.

I am my wild and estatic self.

I am a living testimony to a life transformed.

I love and approve of myself.

I stand on the ground of my higher self

And I see everything through my soul’s eyes.

This is my truth.

I radiate loving energy to this universe . . .and it radiates back to me.

And so it is.

So, if thoughts are things, than it is my deepest intention to focus my thoughts on affirming who I am and how I want to walk in this world. And in my essence,  I wish to show up as a loving, supportive, radiant, grace-filled being. And on those days when I can’t show up as my higher self, on those days when I walk this world in a clumsy manner and trip and fall…I pick myself up and pray harder.


If you’re interested in more thoughts on grace, integrity and compassion, particularly at midlife, read my book Tao Flashes.  Or visit me at www.facebook.com/taoflashes or on twitter @taoflashes.

9 thoughts on “When Every Thought Is A Prayer

    • Hey, I’m with you…I need to work on my thoughts too. But I guess that’s all part of the journey, right? I’ve been thinking about it, and somehow, even scary, I like the magnitude of it…including the consequences and graces of it.

  1. Yes it is rather scary to think every thought is a prayer…when your thoughts are scattering about like buckshot, where do they land? When they behave more like unruly children than the orderly procession of beads in a prayer bracelet or rosary, how do you tame them?

  2. Thanks for sharing a most beautiful and inspirational piece. I need to look in the mirror each morning and repeat these words…THEN my day will start out right!

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