Fitness Confidential: And Why My Friend Vinnie is So Angry

vinnie (2)I grew up in a small bayou town in Southern Louisiana. My friend Vinnie lived about a mile up the road from my home in Donaldsonville. In his new book Fitness Confidentialhe describes our hometown as “a combination of Mayberry and that backward town where they wouldn’t let you dance in Footloose.

After a rough childhood where he battled a speech impediment, cruel classmates and unforgiving nuns, Vinnie left town on a football scholarship to Tulane. He eventually headed to Hollywood where he worked as a model, and later put his degree to work as a trainer.

Today, he’s known as Hollywood’s trainer to the stars. And America’s Angriest Trainer. Vinnie rails against the food industry, the diet industry and manipulative health clubs, saying that America’s good intentions  for health have been stolen. He blames the obesity epidemic on too much sugar and grain in the American diet. And he promotes a no sugar no grain diet with the enthusiasm of a preacher. From a small town. In Louisiana.

Vinnie’s promotes this simple philosophy for health in his recently released book, Fitness Confidential. Written with Hollywood writer Dean Lorey, the book is already on its way to becoming a best steller on Amazon–just a week after its release.

His book could aptly be called the Forrest Gump of Fitness, as he recounts his struggles and accomplishments growing up in a small southern town, becoming a football hero, moving to Hollywood, appearing on the Oprah show, training as an ultra athlete, surviving cancer, and building up a clientele of Who’s Who of Hollywood producers, stars and soccer moms. It’s very inspiring.

The book practically reads itself; every word is propeled along with purpose or humor.  It’s like you’re having a conversation with your own personal trainer who really does have your best interests at heart.

So, listen up.

It’s a great read. But you don’t have to take my word for it. After all, he’s my home boy. But this is what Howie Mandel, one of Vinnie’s clients, had to say about Fitness Confidential. “I love this book! Read it and you’ll see why Vinnie is the guy that trains me.  He’ll make you laugh, get you in the best shape of your life and inspire you with his incredible but true story.”

I consider myself lucky to have Vinnie as a friend. We used to talk regularly while he commuted to clients’ homes and I headed to work in the morning. He was very generous with his advice–and with the truth.

Back then I was single and Vinnie was like a brother, giving me the hard truth about some of the people I was dating. Let me tell you, as a single woman, it’s really great to have a guy friend interpret another male’s behavior. And he’d give it to me straight up –with a chaser of truth. “Pumpkin, forget about it. There’s only one reason a guy is going to drive from a city an hour away to meet you. He’s got expectations.”

He was always right.

I think Vinnie’s ability to speak the truth, straight up, sometimes with the vocabulary of a longshoresman, but always with sincerety, is one of his biggest assets. He’s built up a large clientele and an even larger fan base with his weekly podcast, America’s Angriest Trainer.

So check him out. He’ll make you laugh. And he might make you cringe with his bluntness and political incorrectness, too. But he’ll always tell you the truth.

f you’re interested in reading about authenticity, grace and integrity, read my book Tao Flashes. Or visit me at or on twitter @taoflashes.



7 thoughts on “Fitness Confidential: And Why My Friend Vinnie is So Angry

  1. What a lovely testament to a friend, Lisa! He sounds like a great person and a wonderful friend. And I didn’t know y’all were from Donaldsonville!!!:-)

  2. Yep, from the Bayou, though my accent is long gone. And yes, Vinnie has been a good friend to me. He deserves all the success and accolades he’s getting for his podcast and book. He’s even offering me a few tips on marketing my book, too. LOL.

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