Best of Boomer Blogs #308

I’m the host for this week’s Best of Boomer Blogs–a collection of blogs from Boomers who have something to say, whether it’s about cool old people, busting stereotypes, memories for Mother’s Day, banks under fire, world-class shopping adventures or empty nest.

For Mother’s Day, Laura Lee writes about the shoulders she stands on, her heritage from the strong, rural Kansas women in her lineage.

In So Baby Boomer, John talks about the different types of “old” these days. There is Baby-Boomer old, an audacious, aspirational sort of old.  Then there is old old, a realm often belonging to the parents of the Baby Boomers. This is nursing-home old. This is prunes-for-breakfast old.

Tom at Sightings Over Sixty shares how he ran across a few surprises in his daily life last week that upset some preconceived notions, and he tells us all about them in his new post 3 Mythbusters.

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman’s plans to sue Bank of America and Wells Fargo for repeatedly violating the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement. Schneiderman’s office has documented 339 violations of settlement standards by Wells Fargo and Bank of America since October 2012.

And for the truly adventurous shopper, Arabian Tales Katie Foster has found The Most Unique Shopping Scene in Dubai.  That says a great deal because Dubai is considered one of the best shopping scenes in the world deriving 30% of its gross domestic product from retail sales. The city offers multiple mega malls, Duty Free stores, an outlet mall out in the desert, old traditional souqs, ever expanding online shopping sites and Global Village gathers artisan vendors from all over the world.

This week Sara Cornell of Life After Married  discusses the emotional and financial implications of “Stuff”… As for me, I’m taking a trip down memory lane back to the days when I was preparing for my son’s graduation and my empty nest.  I wrote him a letter before graduation and eleven years later, it still feels like it was yesterday.


3 thoughts on “Best of Boomer Blogs #308

  1. Lovely Lisa! Thanks!

    Laura Lee Carter, M.A. Librarianship, History, Counseling Psychology aka the Midlife Crisis Queen, Midlife researcher, author, psychotherapist

    “Take it all in it’s as big as it seems, count all your blessings and remember your dreams…” – Jimmy Buffet

    Date: Mon, 13 May 2013 14:26:29 +0000 To:

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