Be Your Own Beau This Valentine’s Day


I’ve always secretly loved Valentine’s Day. From the time I was a little kid, I loved everything about it. I loved the exchange of silly, sweet cards with action heroes, magical princesses and funny-faced animals; and I loved the little boxes of Sweet Tarts and the juicy heart-shaped suckers with messages like “Love Me” etched across them in sugar. Remember?

As youngsters we were so open and pure in our expression… so generous in our sharing of goodwill, that  the ritual of card  and candy giving was almost like a sacred exchange between the giver and the receiver. We shared our cards and our dime store candy wildly and with abandon, and we did it for the sheer joy of sharing joy, of expressing love.

But as we grew older, it all got more complicated. And Valentine’s Day became serious, commercial, maybe even a little manipulative. But I still loved it; I loved it even when I was no longer married and without a steady relationship. I still went to work with grade school valentines and candy hearts and handed them out to coworkers feeling the same silly surge I felt as a kid.

I know Valentine’s Day can be hard on some people who are not in romantic relationships. And I am fortunate myself now to have a man in my life who regularly brings me a fresh-cut flower from our courtyard with my morning coffee, who understands that romance and expressions of love are necessary to keep the fires of my heart stoked. And he also understands Valentine Day, as commercial as it is, is a good day to bring me dark chocolate, or bird of paradise flowers–not because it is expected–but because it is appreciated.

For those of you who feel lonely or sad or in need of attention on Valentine’s Day, I offer you these thoughts. Love yourself. Love yourself with the steadfast commitment and respect you desire from others. Self-love is the precursor to all healthy relationships and the relationship we have with ourselves sets the tone for our relationship with others. So be your own beau.

We women are such natural care-givers. We give at the office, we give to friends, we give to family members. We give, give, give until we are often depleted of our power and of our will to care for ourselves. Now, especially at midlife, is a good time to get in the habit of giving to ourselves. In my book Tao Flashes, I talk about the need to fill ourselves up first, to snatch the juicy pieces of life we have been denying for ourselves, and to live a rich and inspired life.

So, whether you’re in a relationship or not, how about practicing the art of self-love this Valentine’s Day? Indulge in a piece of Godiva dark chocolate, take yourself out to a matinee, treat yourself to a spa day. And when you’re feeling really good, share the joy that is you…buy a valentine card for a perfect stranger or a co-worker.

Share the love. Share it like a kid, joyously, openly and with abandon. And watch as it boomerangs back to you, multiplied again and again in its loving power.


8 thoughts on “Be Your Own Beau This Valentine’s Day

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  2. Thanks for this lovely reminder on how to enjoy V Day sans our lover. Luckily I have grandkids and students to share cards and goodies with. Fun and joy with kids around on Valentine’s Day! I love your piece….especially about your guy bringing you flowers just because! Perfect! 🙂

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