Saying Good-bye to Santa

Time to pack up the red and gold ornaments, the fairy woodland creatures and the toy soldiers. Time to pull down the greenery and the dried magnolia leaves lining the mantle.

Santa, his elves, and his band of merry makers have come and gone, and packing away the remnants of another holiday makes me feel a little sentimental. Maybe even blue.

I’m not sure if that’s the little kid in me. Or maybe the grown-up wondering if I did it right or good enough–did I meet expectations with gifts, fulfill family obligations, make it special enough? That’s the way many of us women experience the holidays.

But I’ll honor my mixed feelings on this day because I know as I put away the stuffed santas, the ornaments, the memories, I’m making space. . . and more room for the future. And as I listen to the sound of fireworks outside my bedroom window, I know the new year is beckoning loudly for my attention.

In my last blog I talked about the need to end the year consciously and with intention. I think the ritual of putting away Christmas helps us clear both our heads and our homes. It’s an emotional and physical de-cluttering as we make space for the new year.

Today, as I listen to more political postering and talk of fiscal cliffs and things I have no control over, I know I can find a little peace in the quiet space of my own home. I can focus on what is in front of me, and pack away one ornament, one memory, at a time. I can even watch one more holiday Hallmark movie before I call it a season.

As I watch the dark sky erupt into red and green and blue star bursts, I acknowledge the passing of the holidays and all that was 2012.

I welcome another year; and I want to live it purposely, peacefully, with integrity, in keeping with the Tao, always with an eye and a heart focused on peacefulness.

It is my wish that you end 2012 safely and consciously and joyfully. Happy New Year!


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