Make a Resolution to End the Year Consciously

It’s the end of the year. But before we shutter the past and usher in the new and the shiny and the sequined, it’s important to take time to reflect.

At least I think so. I like to end my year consciously, reflecting on what I’ve gained and what I’ve lost, what I’ve let into my life, what I’ve closed the door on. I think of the ending of a year as a symbolic closing of sorts.

And I ask myself: what in my life is ending, or what needs to end, for my growth and my highest good?

Maybe it’s a bad habit. Or two. Or a friendship that no longer serves my highest good.

Ask yourself what needs to end. And if you want to go deeper, ask yourself this: what wounds in my life are asking to be healed so I can have a new start in the new year?

Are you a perfectionist, always trying to please others at the cost of your time or self-esteem? This is familiar territory for many of us women. Maybe you’re an organizer/controller who believes you need to run everything, because in reality, you feel unsafe or powerless in some area of your life.

As you close out the year, consider what needs to end, what needs to heal, and set you New Year’s resolutions accordingly and mindfully. From there, you can give thought to what you wish to birth and create space for in the coming year.

The Tao talks over and over about living with integrity. And when we resolve to live with integrity, being mindful of what fuels our authentic spirit, we are in a much better position to birth our higher selves. And from there, we are in the best position to serve others.

My new year’s resolution: To live and love in truth. So what does this mean? It means I say no when I mean no. It means I say yes, only when I want to say yes. It means asking myself the hard questions on a regular basis–am I being authentic, am I living and acting and speaking truthfully, with integrity–even when it’s hard, even when pressures dictate otherwise?

I know setting this resolution is only a start. I know as sure as I write this that there will be days when I will fall down, betray myself, betray my intention, only to saddle up again for the unending journey that is life.

And my perfectionist controller will just have to be okay with that.


4 thoughts on “Make a Resolution to End the Year Consciously

  1. I’m doing this and didn’t even know I was. I seem to always reflect of the year and act on it…but following through is the tough part. Thanks for you post – it helps.
    A Midlife Boulevard gal here too.

    • Kim, thanks for commenting. With only a couple of days to go before the new year, I am journaling and meditating on what I want to come….and what I want to leave in my life. Following through can be a challenge at times, but I’m a big believer in starting over again and again and again, if necessary. Good luck!

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