Finding Peace in the Crawl Space

As we close out 2012, it is easy to focus on the last few weeks or months of hysteria.  From the end of the world predictions, to fiscal cliffs and mass slayings of innocents, many of us want to slam the door shut on the chaos that was 2012.

To say it was a difficult year for many, is like saying that Christmas comes in December. Which is to point out the glaring truth, truth that is unarguable, truth that meets you at the front and back door of your residence.
So, how is one to remain peaceful in these less than peaceful times? How do we keep calm in these times when everything feels accelerated, our tempers, our fears, our reactions to things outside of us?

My answer is to find that little crawl space within, the place where I can hole up and find comfort in the safety of spirit.

I’d like to think that I could reason and ration my way out of darkness, but the truth is for me, it never works.  If you are feeling helpless, frustrated, unsure of your next step during these times of change, be it from outside forces, or from internal changes, consider this:

Pray. Pray to God, to Buddha, to Source, to whatever divinity or higher source you believe in. But pray.  Pray for strength, not for petitions. Pray for love, for understanding, for grace.  Not stuff.

Meditate. There are a thousand ways to meditate. It doesn’t matter if you light a candle, or sit, or kneel, or close your eyes.  Repeat an affirmation, or not, but breathe slowly and just empty your mind of chatter for a few minutes daily.

Read inspirational work.  Distract your mind from things that do not serve you by filling it with beautiful thoughts, words, poetry.  The spirit needs to be nourished with beauty less it grows dark from lack of light.

Spend time in nature and with loved ones. The Tao teaches how we are all connected, and this feels like truth to me.  Plant your feet on the earth and feel the divine all around you, in the grass, the wind, the fragrance of a flower.  We are all part of this divine beauty and we must recognize its power and potential.

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